Virtual Programs Terms and Conditions

All programs are under auspice of LeadU, LLC of Tucson, Arizona.

Scheduling Programs

All virtual programs will be scheduled on dates and at times conducive to the availability of both the presenter and the registrant. Dates for participation in any virtual program can only be scheduled and confirmed by filling out the Registration form and submitting the appropriate deposit. Personal or digital communication between LeadU, LLC or any of its presenters does not constitute a commitment of holding a date if a registration and appropriate deposit are not received. Final payment of the balance due must be received within 30 days after the completion of the program and can be paid online through the payment form or by check. Rescheduling any program is permitted with the consent of both parties.

Program Duration

Delay of any virtual program more than 10 minutes beyond the scheduled start time may necessitate rescheduling, unless both the presenter and registrant agree to a late start and end to the program.

Technology and Tech Support

All virtual programs will be hosted on Zoom or similar platform provided by the presenter (for up to 99 participants). Registrants who prefer a different platform or to open to an audience of more than 99 (and upon consent of LeadU, LLC) may opt to host the virtual program through their account on their selected platform. 

Registrants are required to provide their own on-site technology (computer, screen, login to platform, audio speakers, microphones if needed, etc.) and on-site tech support. LeadU, LLC will not be responsible for any technology-related setup or issues at the registrant’s site.


Payment of a deposit during the registration process is recommended in order to book a specific date. Payment of the balance due after the completion of a program must occur in the same calendar year as the scheduled virtual program.

A 5% online registration service fee will be added to program fees paid online.

Post-program payments received more than 30 days after the date of the scheduled program will incur a 5% late fee. 


Registration deposits are nonrefundable. No fees other than the deposit will be incurred for a program cancellation up and until 72 hours before the start time of the scheduled program. Cancelled programs may be rescheduled within 3 months of the original program date under the same fees indicated in the original registration.

Cancellations by either the presenter or the registrant for major reasons outside of their control (significant or prohibitive weather-related issues, travel delays, illness or injury, government mandated policies, etc.) may occur up and until the start time of the program. If this should occur, the cancelling party will notify the other party immediately to reschedule the program, and no fees will be incurred by either party.

All registration cancellations must be submitted to

Intellectual and Physical Property

All materials, ideas, and activities developed and/or designed related to the program are expressly owned by LeadU, LLC. Presentation content, presentation slides, curriculum, activities, and materials used during the virtual program may not be replicated or used in whole or in part by program registrants. Copies of slides or slide notes will not be provided to the registrant.

Video and audio recording are not permitted. Online streaming to other organizational-related entities may be permitted with prior consent from LeadU, LLC.

Copyright and Marketing

The Gen Z Speaker, Student Leadership Competencies, and LeadU, LLC names and logos are not to be used without written permission from LeadU, LLC.

For a digital copy of the program media kit, please contact