No other generation in history has received as much coverage as the Millennial generation. Books, Google searches, blogs, and news articles are everywhere about them. Yet, Generation Z is comprised of our 11-26 year-olds and has received very little attention comparatively. With Generation Z in our schools, colleges, military, and workforce, it is critical to know just who they are. Doing so is especially important as many refer to Generation Z (mistakenly) as Millennials based on their lack of knowledge on Generation Z. But, these two generations are quite different from each other in how they see and navigate the world. If you supervise, teach, parent, or work with Generation Z, don’t wait to learn about how to best work with this generation!

Dr. Corey Seemiller
GEN Z expert

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Dr. Corey Seemiller, co-author of four Generation Z books: Generation Z: A Century in the Making, Generation Z Leads, Generation Z Learns, and Generation Z Goes to College, as well as multiple articles on Generation Z, is a highly engaging and transformational speaker, award-winning professor, and distinguished scholar on Generation Z. Her work has been featured on NPR, in The New York Times, in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and in the Washington Post, as well as on podcasts, in professional publications, and in academic journals around the world. With nearly a quarter of a million views, her TED Talk on Generation Z showcased how members of this generation plan to make a difference in the world. Dr. Seemiller speaks to institutions, businesses, professional organizations, non-profits, and community groups to help people better understand “Who is Generation Z?”

Generation Z: A Century in the Making

This book provides an analysis of the perspectives, characteristics, styles, and motivations of Generation Z and how those have been shaped by both historical and contemporary contexts. For those who supervise, teach, and work with Generation Z, Generation Z offers insight into nearly every aspect of their lives.


Generation Z Goes to College

Although they may look similar to the Millennial Generation, Generation Z brings a whole new set of attributes and experiences to higher education. But, our structures, curriculum, environments, processes, and pedagogies were likely developed with previous generations in mind. This new cadre of students will challenge us to re-conceptualize our institutions to ensure we are providing the most meaningful and effective learning and engagement experiences possible.


Generation Z Leads

Generation Z Leads offers educators strategies and best practices for developing the leadership capacities of this unique demographic. Grounded in research on Generation Z students, their ideas and suggestions provide educators insight on designing and facilitating experiences that foster leadership development.


Generation Z Learns

From elementary to graduate school, classrooms are now filled with Generation Z students. And, much like those in the generations who came before, these students are eager to learn. But, their characteristics, interests, styles, and preferred learning environments are in many ways different from their predecessors. Generation Z Learns explores the nuances of Generation Z and offers recommendations to enhance the educational experience for this generation.