2-Hour “Who is Generation Z?” Webinar

Watch a live broadcast of “Who is Generation Z?” with your group, team, staff, or conference attendees. This webinar features a one-hour presentation offering insights around Generation Z’s characteristics, motivations, communication and social media preferences, learning preferences, and views on engagement with social issues. The presentation is followed by a 1-hour workshop where participants will have the opportunity to apply what they learned.

All webinars take place through a virtual webinar platform. 

Delivery Options

  • Streaming: Registrant logs in from one computer on-site and shares the webinar on a screen with a group of attendees who are in-person; workshop groups meet on-site.
  • Webcast: Individual participants tune in from their own individual devices using the login credentials; workshop groups meet in breakout rooms on the platform.

Registration Fee

$2500 plus 3% credit card transaction fee. Payment must be made in full prior to the webinar.

Terms and Conditions

Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

2-Hour Webinar Registration Form

Please complete this form to register for the 2-hour webinar, which includes a 1-hour presentation and 1-hour workshop.

*Please note: Do not complete this form and submit payment until you have confirmed with LeadU, LLC that the date you would like is available. Email corey.seemiller@juno.com to check for availability.

2-Hour Webinar Payment: $2,575